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Women, Infants, & Children

WIC, a program run by San Diego American Red Cross, helps maintain healthy pregnancies and thriving families by providing nutrition education, breastfeeding support, wellness coaching, and food vouchers. WIC’s existing content-heavy website was difficult to navigate, overwhelming for the user, and was being underutilized by the WIC team. Existing brand guidelines led to a visual overload. Our team was able to incorporate the same corporate guidelines while simplifying the look and feel of the site.


Align team goals for a cohesive strategy.
Simplify content flow.
Improve user experience.
Increase online enrollment and email sign-ups.


Discovery meeting to confront existing pains.
Mass content reorganization and complete rewrite of content.
Clean design and focused navigation.

WIC's website strategy meeting

Met with WIC’s team, who managed six departments but had never jointly discussed the website, to clarify distinct department goals, current pain points, and how to align a cohesive site all while conforming to strict internal guidelines.

"I loved working with Virginia and Jess at The Cowlick Appeal! They are talented, professional, and flexible – the three most important qualities someone can have. They lead my team on a clear, creative path through the rebranding process and made sure we were happy with the end results. They went the extra mile to make sure we got everything we needed and made lots of little adjustments whenever we changed our minds. I appreciate their work ethic, their commitment to our organization when they signed on to the project, and their quick responses to emails and phone calls. I would recommend them to anyone looking to rebrand!"

- JENNA MONTGOMERY, International Relief Teams Communications Manager

WIC's updated color palette and fontsUpdated iconology based upon their 4 top users - New to WIC, Pregnant families, Families with newborns, and Families with multiple children

Created a website moodboard with an updated color palette, easy-to-read fonts, and custom-designed icons.

updated marketing banner with new design elements

We love color, but a little goes a long way. The old site drew the users’ eyes everywhere and we wanted the user to know exactly where they were and where they needed to go.

WIC's marketing banner with updated design elements
GIF - The new simplified user flow

UX/UI - We based our design decisions around two questions - 1. Who was the audience? And 2. What was the ultimate goal of the website? By going through the mindset of the top three user personas (someone new to WIC, the parent with the newborn, and families) we were able to create a user flow that was easy to use, streamlined, and created the conversion that WIC wanted.

Marketing banner with new design elements
a woman viewing the new site on a tablet.

Our redesign created an immediate and drastic increase in web traffic, within 1 month of launching the site. Email sign-ups increased by 300% compared to the previous year and about 93% of those email sign-ups resulted in enrollment, compared to the previous rate of 90%.

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