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TEEM Innovation Group with Dr. Tamsin

Dr. Tamsin's TEEM Innovation Group has an incredibly unique focus. She uses her vast experience of biomimicry, (the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes) to analyze nature's patterns of working together to then apply those processes into our corporate world so we can be more innovative, strategic and collaborative.


Take many years worth of Dr. Tamsin's own internal evolution as a consultant, writer, speaker, biologist, and focus it all into one brand that represents her expansion to take over the world.


Create a brand that has a cohesive symbol to unite all the pies Dr. Tamsin has her fingers in as well as have the depth to go the distance for her future empire.

Teem Innovation Group old logo and new logo

"I can’t say enough great things about The Cowlick Appeal! From the very beginning, Virginia and Jessica were attentive, warm and friendly, and full of ideas and energy. They were clearly excited by the process, and seemed to honestly love helping make my business a success. Their energy and passion were infectious! We began with an in-depth discovery session, to get clear on who I am, my target audience, what I do, and why I am so passionate about it. I was expecting the usual dry Q&A session, but this was not that! Instead, they used a powerful visual archetype process to clarify my identity––the Provocateur, Creator, and Innovator...all active doers––and used that to counteract my natural theoretical tendencies as we developed the messaging and website. They also put me through a rigorous process of honing in on the benefits I provide and why someone would specifically be drawn to work with me. That had surprising ripple effects throughout my offerings, business structure, and messaging. As a direct result, TEEM is more tactical, strategic, focused, active, and applicable than it has ever been. They also brought forth my cheeky side, and created space within the brand for me to be myself, and play with imagination, wonder, and wildness–– Magical! In short, the discovery session energized and clarified my vision and style, helped me step into my uniqueness and own it. It is truly a must, and without it, I am certain my brand and site would not speak for me the way it does. Thank you Virginia and Jessica for taking TEEM Innovation Group to the next level, I cant thank you enough!"

- DR. TAMSIN WOOLLEY-BARKER, Founder of TEEM Innovation Group

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Dr. Tamsin and TEEM Innovation collage
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The cohesive symbol we focused on was based on her love of slime molds. We designed a circular representation of a slime mold that has multiple paths or connections running throughout. This single-celled amoeba attracts other amoebas to unite into a more substantial form to take over bacteria. This is a fundamental belief of TEEM Innovation Group; you are only as strong as your internal team and how you work together.

We also worked in adding an additional layer to the word "teem" by playing with the double lowercase e's. We wanted to showcase the importance of emergent intelligence's potential in all things and if utilized effectively, can be an endless use of resources and positive outcomes. So we merged the two e's into a stylized infinity symbol. Boom! An identity that has depth and resilience!

TEEM Innovation Group Business Cards
TEEM Innovation Group's Business Cards
"So, like most 'food allergy parents' frustrated with the lack of choice, I started baking." - Jenny Stackle, Owner and Mother
WIC's new site

Dr. Tamsin's world has many facets. It is beautiful in its complexity; however, with so much content, our challenge was to keep everything focused for the end user. We wanted to create a website with many moving parts and layers yet direct the user to want to stay awhile and explore the world of TEEM Innovation Group's offerings and teachings. Dr. Tamsin's website was created to promote her many books, explain her multiple offerings, showcase her expertise, and educate the user in biomimicry and how it can help their bottom line. This website needed to be BIG and responsive to the ever-evolving, traveling, and speaking entity that is Dr. Tamsin. The result is a custom built, multi-faceted website that Dr. Tamsin can now use as a sales tool, promotional tool, and educational tool. This is truly just the beginning, and we are excited to see where she takes her brand and her passionate spirit.

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