August 13, 2019

Brand Focus - Why you should find it, adjust, and how to keep it.

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The #1 reason businesses fail is their lack of focus.

And to be more specific here, their lack of BRAND focus. If your company does not stand for something, it is extremely difficult for your audience, messaging, and company goals to be aligned. Companies that struggle with their marketing messages to their people, places, and things do not get the fancy marketing term of convergence. 

Marketing Convergence: the orchestration of information technology, marketing, and design required to ensure that companies present an integrated, consistent, transparent, and interactive message across all the media they use. 

Without brand focus companies, untimely fail with these debilitating truths all around them:

  • Products or services that no one needs
  • Content that is not clear - not directing your audience to a direct call to action
  • Visuals that do not represent you
  • Low, like really low convergence
  • The c-suite is not listening to the boots on the ground
  • You are talking to the wrong audience or trying to talk to everyone
  • Everyone internally and externally all thinks you do different things
  • Your company culture is poop
  • Talent does not want to join
  • Every brand touchpoint is telling a different story
  • No one knows your value
  • Your audience does not trust you

The benefits far out way the negatives when you take the time to ask the tough questions about your brand purpose and goals. If your internal teams can not articulate your who, what, and why clearly, how can the outside world? And if your messaging, visuals, products, and services lack a solid foundation, then your audience will not trust you. Without focus, you can not build brand loyalty, which is the primary goal of any company. Magical things happen when you have brand loyalty. 

We suggest re-evaluating your brand by focusing on your company vision. Your brand vision is your core rallying point for everyone to use as the foundation for your brand strategy. Start with reviewing your past, present, and future and establish what your brand is not. Next, go back to the beginning and think about why you started. Focus on this purpose and write it out, revise it, write it again and then go out into your world and test it. 

Here are some ideas to help spark, push, and ignite your new brand focus:

  • Create audience focus groups to learn what they care about
  • Ask your employees what they like or don't like in your company
  • Evaluate all your company visuals, and analyze if they represent your core values, what feelings do they evoke? Are they the right ones?
  • Ask your team if your products and services are right for your audience or even your marketplace?
  • Research your competition
  • Create new content strategies that directly and clearly say what your company is passionate about
  • Implement a quarterly internal brand check process to refine your brand foundation and values regularly
  • Redesign your website to speak directly to your target audience and understand their user flow
  • Engage with your customers, employees, partners, and collaborators. What can you learn? What can you share?
  • Focus on the details. What can you do to surprise or delight your audience?

When you have aligned your brand focus with a vision or purpose, you can see the path forward. You will be able to confidently direct your initiatives, plan for success, and position your team and customers into greatness!