April 2, 2019

Discovery Meeting: Why you should start here.

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The main goal of a discovery meeting workshop is to: find your company's focus. What is your primary purpose or mission?  What are you selling? Why should anyone care? Who is your audience, and what are they interested in? What are your competitors doing? What makes you different, and how can you implement all these ideas into your brand's touch-points effectively?

These are questions every business owner should be able to answer, except in our experience they struggle with quite a few. OR they do have the answers, but the rest of their core team are not on the same page. Jess and I have worked with a variety of startups, businesses that want to re-brand, or company's that are ready to launch a new product, and we continually see a lack of clarity and focus.

What we tell our clients:

The Cowlick Appeal can help your business grow to the next level by guiding your key stakeholders through a well-developed brand discovery "mini-workshop." We recommend revisiting your core mission, company goals, and future ideas to ensure your brand starts with a solid foundation. First, we need to have a clear understanding of your core business objectives; who you are, what you do, what are your benefits, who is your target audience, and what makes you different? The Cowlick 'Appeal's (TCA) goal is to take you through a high-level brand strategy process that will help us answer these questions together and develop your 'organization's key characteristics. Developing the right custom content, design, voice, images, look and feel cohesively across all touch-points will maximize the potential of your organization and what it delivers. This also allows all stakeholders to stay on track by understanding your brand positioning, company tone, and overall vision. We want you to attract the highest level of clients, customers, entrepreneurs, and potential collaborators, and to do that means building trust within your target audience with a strong brand position.

The details:

We ask a lot of questions, push your who, what, and why, making sure your key team members are all on the same page, directing the goals of your brand, website, and services in the right direction. We establish where your strengths and potential gaps are from an outside perspective. The insights we gain from this meeting will significantly impact your brand creation, re-design, website goals, marketing campaigns, and social deliverables. We want you to take all the ideas and content from this meeting and actually use it!

An example of what we will go over with you and your team:
* Current company position  
* Company vision and goals
* Brand personality  
* Target audience
* Competition
* Brand positioning
* Core messaging / Value props
* Summary and core messages to focus on for future action
Note: each discovery meeting is catered to our individual clients' goals. We keep a clear focus throughout the meeting with your objective in mind.

After the 3-5 hour meeting, we put together all the top insights and content discussed in an organized summary for your company's future use.

We recommend having a private room (with plenty of whiteboard space if possible) with only the key stakeholders involved. We bring post-its, other writing materials if needed, visuals, a copywriter, 1 brand director, and 1 creative director to the table, and probably some snacks to keep the pace going. ;)

We always recommend starting with a discovery meeting for any project. Our clients greatly benefit from this ideation, and focus session because it helps them collectively set goals, see the steps to take to get there and have a guide to stay on track. Also, the insights gained in this meeting are always used for any or all of the following: identity or name ideas, website goals and copy, new product or services, sales tools, events, and social media campaigns. Sometimes a client just has a great product or service idea but nothing else. We can help bring "discovery" and focus to any level and guarantee you will leave excited for your brands future.